Human Rights Film Focus Nepal

November, 2012


The idea for a human rights awareness campaign using human rights films was born in 2003, in the middle of the Maoist insurgency. In 2011, there was a successful three month run of human rights film screenings throughout Kathmandu and Patan. From 2012 on, the project took a broader scope and continued as Human Rights Film Focus Nepal (HRFFN). In november 2012, HRFFN successfully organized the Human Rights Film Week preceded and followed by various Shaking the Tree school film festivals all over Nepal. Another major achievement was the nationwide television premier of the documentary The Sari Soldiers on the 2012 celebration of International Human Rights Day.


Activities included but not limited to creating and editing commercials for The Sari Soldiers, advising and advocating for women and children’s rights in rural Nepal and lobbying for legal representation for under-represented individuals and families.