Metaverse Scholars Club

November, 2015


The Metaverse Scholar’s Club was founded as a non-profit to share knowledge and information about developing virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies.


We are a group of people that discusses the uncomfortable, asks the most difficult questions and is not afraid to jump in front of the most daunting problems. Virtual reality, augmented reality and mediated reality are on a trajectory to converge to form the metaverse. Let’s discuss what this means, why it’s important and how to make it grow in a way that benefits mankind. By putting together thought provoking conversations with the business vanguard, investors, scholars and thought leaders we will explore and take advantage of the endless possibilities this new alternate reality will bring to us.

We host a series of classes, parties, workshops, movie nights, and VR game tournaments throughout the entire year. We also create new art using these technologies culminating with an installation and camp at Burning Man. We work together to collect new technologies and equipment and share them with members of the Club, so that more people can have access to cutting edge tech!

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